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Latihan Soal, Jawaban dan Pembahasan Ujian Nasional SMA Bahasa Inggris 2019

Dalam hitungan minggu, Ujian Nasional tingkat SMA khususnya untuk Mata Pelajaran bahasa inggris tahun 2019 akan segera dilaksanakan. Temen-temen setuju kan, kalo Pelajaran Bahasa inggris ini termasuk Pelajaran yang terbilang cukup sulit. Butuh latihan yang cukup agar terbiasa dalam mengerjakan soal soal Ujian Nasional bahasa inggris ini. Karena itu, pada artikel kali ini, Seciko akan memberikan Latihan Soal, Jawaban dan Pembahasan Ujian Nasional SMA Bahasa Inggris 2019.

Di bawah ini, saya berikan ringkasan dari beberapa Latihan Soal dan juga kunci jawaban serta pembahasan ujian nasional sma bahasa inggris 2019. Jika sobat ingin soal yang lengkap beserta kunci jawaban dan pembahasannya silahkan download Soal ini dengan cara Klik tombol download yang ada pada bagian bawah Postingan ini. Selamat berlatih!

Latihan soal, jawaban dan pembahasan ujian nasional inggris sma 2019

Latihan Soal, Jawaban dan Pembahasan Ujian Nasional SMA Bahasa Inggris 2019

1) Topik : Expression

Sub Topik : Topic of the Dialog

Indikator : Peserta didik dapat mengidentifikasikan topik dialog secara tepat


Rina : What are you thinking about?

Dino : I’m thinking about my plan after graduating from Senior High School.

Rina : Can you tell me your plan?

Dino : My parents asked me to study in Turkey since its higher education there is cheaper than here. But, it’s kind of hard for me to live far away from my family. What about yours?

Rina : I think it’s a good idea. Living far away from your parents will teach you how to be an independent man. I’ll be studying at IIUM majoring in international relations. I want to be a diplomat.

Dino : That sounds great. It means that you’re going to live far away from your parents as well?

Rina : Yes. I want to be independent. Of course, I’ll be missing them, but I think it’s going to be a great challenge for me.


What is the main topic of the conversation above?

A. Studying in Turkey is cheaper

B. Asking suggesting about study

C. Discussing about plan after graduation

D. Living far away from parents is difficult

E. Majoring in politics is great

Jawaban: C


Yang dibahas kedua orang pada dialog di atas adalah mengenai rencana setelah kelulusan mereka, secara spesifik rencana studi di perguruan tinggi, maka jawaban C yang tepat.

2) Topik : Expression

Sub Topik : Topic of the Dialog

Indikator : Peserta didik dapat mengidentifikasikan topik dialog secara tepat


Aziz : Did you go to the National Library yesterday?

Azka : Yes, I did. How did you know?

Aziz : Actually, I also went to the National Library. But, when you arrived, I was about to leave since I went there with my sister and she asked me to go home soon.

Azka : I see. Do you go there a lot?

Aziz : 4Not really. I just accompanied my sister because she is doing her thesis now. Do you often go the National Library?

Azka : Yes. I always go there whenever I have free time. I love reading books. It’s also cosy.

Aziz : Cool. That’s why you’re a very smart student. You read a lot.

Azka : Well, reading books always opens mind. Anyways, how do you spend your free time?

Aziz : I play football with my friends. I also love cooking in my free time.

Azka : You can cook? What food can you cook?

Aziz : Yes, I can. Normally, I cook western food like pizza and spaghetti.

Azka : You should give me your cooking.

Aziz : Sure. Please come to my house tomorrow. I’ll cook for you.

Azka : I wish I could. I need to go to Bogor tomorrow. Maybe, next time.


What does the man imply by saying “not really”?

A. He often goes to the National Library.

B. He doesn’t like the National Library.

C. He has never been to the National Library.

D. He loves going to the National Library.

E. He seldom goes to the National Library.

Jawaban: E


Maksud kata tersebut adalah ia tidak sering atau jarang ke perpustakaan nasional, petunjuknya adalah dialog sebelumnya yaitu “Do you go there a lot?”, maka jawaban E yang tepat.

4) Topik : Recount Text

Sub Topik : Specific Info

Indikator : Peserta didik dapat menjelaskan permasalahan yang muncul pada teks

My first time experience in Bali

At 55 I have just gone to Bali for the first time with my husband. We stayed in Seminyak and had a wonderful time. We took Jetstar in economy over and were in 2nd last row and even then by time off plane purchasing VOA and Immigration took about 1 hour – wasn’t too bad. Departing last night, Jetstar was late by one hour but we had paid to go Business class so it was not that bad. We sat in Premier Lounge – not a great selection of food or wine (wine is my thing) but it was enjoyable anyway. Of course, new airport is underway and things may be different once that is up and running. We didn’t get sick or robbed or bitten. Yes, footpaths are broken and or missing and some smells but that didn’t 16deter us. People were friendly and so polite. The weather was just fantastic. When asked to take what looked like post cards we politely said “no thank you ” and that was the last of it. Bintang beer mostly $2.50 very cheap and was the food and we ate in good restaurants – La Lucciola, Breeze, Sardine, Sarong and Metis. As we had breakfast supplied at The Samaya we didn’t need lunch and we were given fruit salad by the pool and afternoon tea so only dinner was required. We enjoyed Sarong in particular. We used hand sanitizer and luckily for us we didn’t get the dreaded dire – rear. A driver took us to Ubud and Jimbaran Bay and through Kuta. Mostly this was a relaxing one week there. Manicures, pedicures, hair, massage were so cheap – roughly $8 – we had these done at Body Works in Seminyak. I also had Wendy the dressmaker come to our hotel and made me skirts which I was very happy with. This morning in Sydney airport, it took us just 30 minutes to be off the plane and into a taxi. Jetstar made up time flying home – only 5 hours and 10 minutes. It was all a breeze. Bali had never been on my to do list, but I will be going back that is for sure.

Sumber: https://www.tripadvisor.com


What happened when they were about to leave for Bali?

A. They needed to cancel their trip.

B. They needed to put their trip off.

C. The plane crashed.

D. The adverse weather prompted the plane to delay.

E. The plane was late for an hour.

Jawbaan: E


Pada bagian awal teks terdapat kalimat “… and even then by time off plane purchasing VOA and Immigration took about 1 hour – wasn’t too bad” yang artinya ketika mereka akan berangkat ke Bali dengan pesawat, keberangkatannya harus tertunda selama 1 jam, maka jawaban E yang tepat.

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